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Wholesale Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware

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Product Overview

  • Disposable iced coffee cups with dome lid or flat lid


  • eco friendly food storage containers

    Natural color


Biodegradable environmental protection lunch box

Biodegradable, microwaveable, refrigerable, waterproof and oil-proof

Sugarcane Pulp Food Box

Degradable, microwaveable, refrigerated, waterproof, and oil-resistant sugarcane pulp food box

eco friendly food storage containers

Wholesale Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware

Pulp material

Maintain the original color and texture of the waste wood fiber, with good strength and direct contact with food.

Buckle embossing

DAdopting a buckle design, the lid is not easy to fall off and is easy to use, The box's surface is embossed with a prominent texture.

Wholesale Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware

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