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Cupcake Paper Box Bakery Cake Container with Window

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Product Overview

  • food grade paper
  • Paper cupcake box with inner tray
  • Popular bakery boxes with clear plastic window


  • Bakery Cake Container


  • Bakery Cake Container



  • Custom


Cupcake Paper Box Bakery Cake Container: Keep Your Cupcakes Fresh and Presentable

Windowed Cake Box with Tray is a widely used packaging product in cake shops and bakeries. This type of cake box has a special design, with an inner tray that ensures the cake does not move or deform, while a transparent window allows consumers to see the appearance and quality of the cake clearly.


Bakery Cake Container with Window

LOKYO bakery cupcake takeaway box is made of high-quality food-grade materials, fully compliant with national and international food safety standards, and non-toxic. We also provide customized services to design and produce products according to customers’ needs and requirements.

Fearures of Cupcake Paper Box Bakery Cake Container:


  • ✅Sturdy and durable construction: The container is made from high-quality materials that are strong and long-lasting.
  • ✅Convenient and easy-to-use design: The foldable design of the container makes it easy to assemble, store, and transport.
  • ✅Clear window for easy viewing: The clear plastic film window on the top of the container provides an excellent view of the cupcakes inside, making them more appealing to customers.


Cupcake containers are widely used in different fields such as cake shops, bakeries, and supermarkets. We continuously strive to improve product quality and provide better service to our customers. Our products are reasonably priced and of stable quality. We welcome people from all walks of life to inquire about our products.




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Wonderful cupcake box

Love these! Very durable for transporting cupcakes. Highly recommend!



These were exactly what I needed for taking cupcakes to an event. They're very sturdy boxes and look professional.

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