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Custom Macaroon Box Packaging


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Product Overview

  • Various styles, multiple specifications
  • Food grade material
  • Transparent PET window design
  • Drawer type oppening and closing design
  • Support logo customization


  • Custom


  • Custom

Custom Macaroon Box Packaging: Stand Out on Store Shelves


Macarons proved an instant hit in the industry. To meet the needs, LOKYO custom macaron box packaging blends classic styling into a smooth modern package.


Our macaron boxes with transparent PET windows are the perfect packaging solution for these delicate French cookies. These boxes of macarons are designed to showcase the colorful and visually appealing macarons while keeping them fresh and protected during transport. The transparent display window allows customers to see the cookies inside without having to open the box, making them an excellent marketing tool for bakeries and cafes. These macaron packaging boxes come in various sizes and materials, ensuring that there is an option for every need and budget.


Features of Macaroon Box Packaging


  • Customization: Custom macaroon boxes can be tailored to meet specific branding or design requirements. This means that the boxes can be printed with custom logos, colors, and patterns

  • Material: Custom boxes can also be made from a range of materials including cardboard, paperboard, or plastic. The material used will depend on the intended use and desired aesthetic of the box.

  • Size: Custom macaroon boxes can be made in a range of sizes to fit different quantities of macarons. They can be designed to hold a few macarons or a dozen, depending on the customer’s needs.


Whether you’re a home baker looking to give your macarons as gifts, or a bakery looking to sell them, custom macaron boxes are a great choice for your packaging.



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Jason E.

They are perfect

These boxes were not only extremely affordable, but they were so elegant and look great! I love the clear window so you can have the product inside partially displayed. I will absolutely be ordering again!


Awesome product

I make macarons and sell them. This box holds up well and is a nice presentation. It took a few tries to get them together but after the first one it was easy.

This product is already inside the lnquiry List!

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