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Wholesale Separate Sushi Paper Box Custom Printed

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Product Overview

  • Customised brand logo, printed pattern
  • Food grade material, which can directly place food
  • Thick and solid paper
  • Buckle design, novel and fashionable
  • Divided sushi boxes and place food neatly


  • Custom Separate Sushi Paper Box


  • Custom Separate Sushi Paper Box


  • Custom Separate Sushi Paper Box



  • Custom


Wholesale Divided Sushi Paper Box Custom Printed


Looking for an easy and convenient way to sushi packaging? Check out our separate sushi paper boxes! Made from high-quality paper, these eco friendly sushi packaging boxes feature compartments to keep your sushi organized and neatly presented. They’re perfect for sushi restaurants, catering events, or even at-home sushi parties. Plus, some of our boxes come with a clear plastic lid to keep your sushi fresh and protected.


Specifics of Separate Sushi Paper Box

Features of a Separate Sushi Paper Box:


  • ✅Compartmentalized Design: A Separate Sushi Paper Box typically features multiple compartments to separate different types of sushi from one another. This design helps to maintain the integrity and flavor of each type of sushi.
  • ✅Durable Material: A Separate Sushi Paper Box is usually made from sturdy paper or cardboard that can withstand the weight and moisture of sushi.
  • ✅Customizable Size: Depending on the needs of the customer or vendor, Separate Sushi Paper Boxes can be produced in different sizes to accommodate different quantities of sushi.


At LOKYO Food Packaging, our custom sushi paper boxes bring eye-catching presence to the table. The right sushi packaging can make your food look as appetizing as it tastes.

Upgrade now and enjoy the convenience of our divided sushi paper boxes!



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Nebai A.

Loved them!

These are adorable, and my customers LOVE them! They are small but perfect for individual size sushi boxes.


Couldn't ask for a better product!

I just ordered another package because of how much I liked them. Great for the price.

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