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Plastic Milk Tea Cup Sealing Film Custom Printed Design

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Product Overview

  • 1.Smooth and compact roll with high transparency
  • 2.Good quality and thickness
  • 3.Custom printed logo with clear printing


  • Plastic Milk Tea Cup Sealing



  • Custom

Custom Cup Sealer Film for Milk Tea

Features of Plastic Milk Tea Cup Sealing:


Personalized Branding: Add your logo, slogan, or any design of your choice to create a memorable and recognizable packaging for your customers.

Durable and Flexible Materials: The film provides excellent protection against spills, leaks, and tampering, giving your customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Compatibility with Various Cup Sizes: Fits a variety of cup sizes, catering to your business’s needs.

Easy and Efficient Sealing Process: The film’s user-friendly design ensures a quick and efficient sealing process, increasing your productivity and reducing waste.

Clear printing, colorful and attractive.

✅Moderate thickness, suitable for the sealing machine.


At our custom cup sealer film, LOKYO values our customers’ satisfaction. Our dedicated team provides excellent customer service, addressing your concerns and fulfilling your requests promptly. Count on us for reliable and responsive service.




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Great product as long as you use it right!

Cute and colorful, I love them.

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